This is my portfolio. I hope you found it interesting, Iím glad you took some time to review it

It took me a lot of time to find a good balance between attractiveness and simplicity, linking things together, illustrating and working on the video.

The choice of color, the font...I've studied everything until the smallest detail. This is the way I work, with passion, and with the will to push my limits forward. I need to challenge myself very often...I need that special feeling you get when you realize what you have planned even if itís hard to reach, and you know you have learned another lesson.

As I said in the opening page, I love this work. There isnít really much more to say about it

Please note: I've chosen this domain name since I'm a big fan of "Breaking Bad" :)

Fabio Cingolani

Year: 2014

Job: Web Designer, Illustrator, Video editing