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I love this job... so much, that I did most of it in my spare time (usually at night :) ). I’m a “nerd” and fond of everything related to new technologies.

My history as a designer/developer starts as an autodidact. My commitment is to work hard every day to improve my knowledge and to keep up with the mobile’s scenario. I believe challenges are important to foster improvement, enlarging vision and learning something new. Facing problems in my path overcome them with perseverance and work gives me a great satisfaction


- Web Design
Html/xHtml/Html5, Css2/Css3, Javascript/jQuery, Ajax, Responsive Design/Bootstrap knowledge, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator
- Web Develop
PHP, MySql, MsSql
- Web Marketing
Seo/Sem knowledge
- Android
Android App Development, Android App Design
- Video Editing

Someone I know would say

“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up”

(This is my belief too)