Pickloc is the result of the collaboration with a friend. Autonomously we learned the Android framework.

To range from ui/ux design to brand identity, from android layout building to php webservices and java logic development has been an hard work but was worth it!

Pickloc means to me a successful challenge. I've approached the Android framework, with nothing but a good basic knowledge of Java language and I made it! The result it's something that makes me need a new harder challenge. Pickloc is a good app, Iím still working on some major improvements, from ui to logic behaviors, but I am really pleased with first results.

Year: 2013

Job: Founder, Developer, UX/UI Designer

Available on
Google Play

More than 400 downloads in a few months!

Without 1 cent of advertise

Pickloc has reached a good number of downloads, despite being not really advertised. This is big a gratification for every hour spent, every night gone through java coding.